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Simple,classic and appropriate, a nice fashionable scarf projects style & adds richness to a look. Whether you are a "Dapper Dan" or casually chic, it is a timeless accessory with touches for all seasons.

Covenient as well as warm and not to mention the different ways to style an authentic piece of handicraft worthy of the cherished closet space. Typically, the majority of them advertised are associated with women’s fashion, what has gone under the radar is more and more men are wearing blanket/oversized scarves in addition to traditional small sized mufflers and cravats.

The use of organic wool in MARICHI men's scarf along with intriguing patterns, tribal colors & combinations meticulously woven by master craftsmen results in the most enviable piece of art. Plus, pure wool has incredible benefits through its natural characteristics. Find out more on the blog about benefits of wool.

Formal wear or street fashion, a scarf faithful in every detail will certainly add more charm to your wardrobe & personality. Lastly, a pure wool scarf crafted by the hands of a real Himalayan weaver is always a cut above the ordinary.

Here is one of our favourite men's scarves Mens Blanket Scarf

Enjoy our collection and stay warm and stylish!!                   

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