5 easy steps to take care of your wool scarf !!

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   5 easy steps to take care of your wool scarf !!

The chilly autumn winds are here and you can feel the winter is coming. Most people immediately think about adding something unique and durable to their wardrobe. One such item is a wool scarf or a wool shawl. Some go for handmade and some just do not care how it is made as long as it is wool.

After searching the length and breadth of the internet you find a wool scarf worth spending your hard earned money on. Friends and family compliment you for your unique, practical and fashionable choice. But do you really know how to take care of your favourite wool scarf or wool shawl??

As pure wool is a natural protein based fibre there are a few easy and simple steps you should know to take care of your wool scarf or wool products in general.

  • Always hand wash with cold water, do not wring or squeeze the water out. Hang dry without stretching or dry wool scarf flat . Avoid hot water at all costs.
  • Dry cleaning once or twice a year keeps the scarf/shawl in good shape. This can be done at the convenience of your home, there is no need to send your item to an expensive dry cleaner unless you require professional help. Spot treat stains ,clean stains by blotting with water and mild soap.
  • Just a simple step of airing out your wool scarf helps to refresh it.
  • Pack in air tight containers, boxes and trunks with secured lids.Use bug deterrent or dry lavender sachets to keep moths, bugs and silver fish away from your storage space.
  • When pressing, set the iron on the wool setting. Use a press cloth to avoid shine.

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