Why you need a woollen meditation shawl ??

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Why do you need a shawl whilst meditating?

Practised in the right way meditation can have revitalising effects, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

According to the ancient scriptures, meditating or praying deeply in the language of your heart to the universal energy or simply your calls to god over and over again, with deeper and deeper longing and concentration takes you on the path of self- realisation.

Since early times many yogis, monks and the masters of the orient have advised to use a woollen shawl, blanket or a rug whether you like to sit on the floor, cross legged, on a chair or in traditional eastern pose (lotus posture) whilst meditating.

Proper bodily posture i.e a staright spine produces calmness in body and mind, is necessary to help the yogi shift his mind from matter to Spirit.

Wrap yourself or place over the meditation seat a woollen shawl or a cloth that covers the entire seat and runs down under the feet. This will help insulate your body from earth currents, so that their opposite magnetic pull will not impede the flow of the little life currents and consciousness which you are trying to draw upward through spinal centres to the higher centres of divine consciousness in the brain.

The wool may be covered with a silk cloth for further insulation, if you wish.

meditation shawl      meditation shawl

We at MARICHI are drawn towards the spiritual side of life and deeply care & advocate the need for physical and mental wellbeing especially in today's unpredictable and volatile times.

So stay calm, meditate and why not try our handmade himalayan woollen meditation shawls to make you feel comfortable on your path to self realisation and inner well being.

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