MARICHI "The Himalayan Shoppe"



Hello there, 

 We are a husband & wife team, two wanderers from the crags with a passion for mountains and a love for everything Himalayan. Whilst in the United Kingdom, one day at the dinner table over a few glasses of wine, my wife and I concluded we are sheep, not humans for running after the dispiriting and unexciting corporate goals of urban society. The question was, what could we do to break the shackles and do something that we both love?

As the word sheep resonated in our heads, she jokingly asked: why don’t we sell SHEEP? The rest is history. So we set up MARICHI in the United Kingdom and flocked back to our Himalayan roots in Himachal Pradesh, India to present the very best the region has to offer. Wool scarves was our first idea to promote HIMALAYAN happiness and we now source the best sheep,angora, cashmere & yak wool available in the mountains not to mention the purest Himalayan silk from government authorized mills.

Ritika,having learnt the precious weaving skills from her grandmother,designs and creates hand loomed products like scarves for women & men, wool throws & blanket scarves etc. Our moto is honest & solid craftsmanship to guarantee satisfaction. There is certainly nothing sheep and nasty about our products!


In addition to our Himalayan background, the thinking behind our vision is that different areas of this region have distinct tribes,cultures ,styles and designs etc , hence we try and incorporate these aspects into our products with full integrity.Our key objective is to preserve & promote the diminishing ancient and traditional handicraft skills the people of this land have to offer and provide emmployment and business to small cottage industries and home based local handcrafters.

At MARICHI, we understand the importance of quality products and take inspiration from the area's beauty, surroundings and the auspicious symbols of mountain people. Our flagship shawls & scarves are handmade using the finest quality of Himalayan wool and most important is that we value homemade products and handmade textiles (handloom) crafted by skilled artisans rather than those produced in large factories in huge quantities. 

Our quest is to provide real-life handcrafted HIMALAYAN products with sincerity and a stamp of creativity and imagination. We recognise the reality that today's market is full of cheap imitations and we are dedicated towards the moto of honest-to goodness and will persevere to be true-to-life in every detail.

We need your custom and support to turn our endeavour into the lasting legacy of the HIMALAYAS.

From the mountains for the people who love the mountains!!!!

Thanks a lot for visiting our store,

Shaurya Bastola & Ritika Mehra

PS: Please email us for further information and bulk order enquiries.