Exquisite Natural Pashmina Scarf

MARICHI "The Himalayan Shoppe"

  • £52.00

Beautiful cashmere delicately woven ,super soft pashmina blend.large in size.Feels smooth and supple on the skin.Warm and high quality scarf handloomed to perfection using one of the world's best quality wool and pashmina from Ladakh.An envy of everyone's eye. A must have luxurious accessory at a very affordable price.

Beautiful  natural pashmina and wool blend scarf scarf , large scarf, pashmina wrap, oversized scarf

Natural pashmina no dye & soft himalayan wool blend scarf

scarves for women

Pashmina shawl, cashmere pashmina shawl, pashmina wrap

6.4feet length
3.4feet width approx respectively.

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