Handmade Hemp cap/hat


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Unique handmade Himalayan hemp cap 

A unique addition to your collection 

Environment friendly hemp fabric

Hemp grows rapidly and requires little water and no pesticides or herbicides. Its deep roots anchor and aerate the soil in which it’s grown. Hemp produces more fiber per acre than trees, cotton or flax (linen).

Hemp is much kinder to the Earth than conventionally grown cotton. Like hemp, cotton is a natural fiber, but growing it accounts for a significant portion of the pesticides and insecticides sprayed on the world's crops. In this way, cotton has negative impacts on health, water and worker safety.

Hemp is one of the strongest, most durable, natural soft-fibers on this planet.

  • Hemp clothing absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well
  • Hemp clothing absorbs dye easily and retains color well
  • Hemp clothing holds up to repeated washings and never needs dry cleaning
  • Hemp clothing is naturally anti-microbial
  • Hemp clothing is resistant to mold and mildew
  • Hemp fabric gets softer, the more it's washed and worn 

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