Yak Wool Shawl


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There's a long "true story " 🙂about our collection of yak wool scarves. So the region we belong to in the Himalayas is not exactly where Yaks are from. We do have Yaks here but they are mostly domesticated for tourism, and the towns here are stuffed with products made of "Yak wool". But the truth is they are just counterfeit products , which are not yak wool, infact not any kind of wool at all. They are all machine made acrylic products, which are currently all over the internet too. People claiming to sell Yak wool shawls which are actually nylon or cashmilon . It is depressing to see consumers getting duped by these sellers. So when my husband and I set on an adventure to find some genuine yak wool we landed in Spiti , a mountain desert district which is about eight hours of off roading drive in a 4x4 . We have documented our journey on a video and will be soon releasing it on YouTube. I will be sharing the link of our " finding Yak wool" ,😁. So we managed to purchase 17 kilos of Yak wool fur from yak herders . We took the sacks to a mill where they separated the coarse hair from the fine yak down belly hair and finally after several cleaning sessions we were left with 5 kilos of gold 🙃.We then distributed the wool amongst villagers willing to hand spin the wool for us using wooden spindles like the ancient times. Yes we live around those sorts of villages like the one in the M knight Shyamalan movie"The Village" 😂. Only joking. But yes that's how they still spin wool around here. We then set up the traditional handlooms that we use to weave our scarves and shawls and made 14 exquisite yak wool shawls. We used a pure wool white ( off white)warp and wove using the Yak wool in its natural muddy brown shade. No dyes used. herringbone style weave.We also added the tribal bands at the borders using cashmilon only because the colours remain bright and new for years or even decades. Phew! That's a lot of explaining. But whoever purchases these will truly understand what we mean. These pieces are really unique. We arenot saying that these are the only genuine Yak wool shawls that you'll ever find but we do guarantee that these are one of the rarest you'll ever find.
Length 6.3 feet
Width 3.9"feet approximately respectively 🍁❄️🍂.
For anything you want to know about the product please feel free to contact us at anytime 🙂.

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