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We are a husband & wife team, two wanderers from the crags with a passion for mountains and a love for everything Himalayan. Whilst in the United Kingdom, one day at the dinner table over a few glasses of wine, my wife and I concluded we are sheep, not humans for running after the dispiriting and unexciting corporate goals of urban society. The question was, what could we do to break the shackles and do something that we both love?

As the word sheep resonated in our heads, she jokingly asked: why don’t we sell SHEEP? The rest is history. So we set up MARICHI in the United Kingdom and flocked back to our Himalayan roots to present the very best the region has to offer. Wool scarves was our first idea to promote HIMALAYAN happiness and we now source the best sheep,angora, cashmere & yak wool available in the mountains. www.marichiworld.com

My wife having learnt the precious weaving skills from her grandmother,designs and creates hand loomed products like scarves for women & men, wool throws & blanket scarves etc. Our moto is honest & solid craftsmanship to guarantee satisfaction. There is certainly nothing sheep and nasty about our products!



Here are some facts explaining why pure organic wool is a blessing for humanity and why man has loved this material since god was a lad.

Benefits of authentic wool:

  • Good for mother earth: Pure wool is biodegradable and releases nutrients such as fertilisers.
  • Wool breathes: We often asked ourselves during our high altitude odysseys, how in god’s name do these sheep and yaks merrily graze in the elevated Himalayan pasture lands and survive the harshest and unpredictable weather systems? The answer is simple: wool has balanced thermal insulation properties i.e. it is the most breathable of all materials; hence it keeps us warm in the winter and cold in the summer and regulates our body temperature.
  • Skin friendly: Wool fibres absorb huge amounts of moisture, which evaporates into the air, keeping the skin fresher and drier for longer.
  • IT’S JUST A SUMMER TRIM: As wool yielding animals grow a coat every year there is no damage to either the animals or the environment as a result of seasonal shearing. Hence, it is environmentally friendly and renewable. We procure wool from traditional Himalayan farms and sheperds where no animal cruelty is involved.
  • Don’t let the farmers and shepherds go extinct: Wool is a sustainable and consistent source of income for farmers and shepherds who are losing their livelihoods in many places due to rapid urbanisation . Help and support them.
  • Qualities bestowed by the fire god: Wool naturally does not catch fire and in fact acts as a fire retardant.
  • Say no to bugs & bacteria: Isn’t it incredible that pure wool is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial?? YES! Wool bristles also act as bug repellents.
  • A friend for time: With proper care wool products like shawls, scarves, and throws etc. stay in amazing shape. Wool fibres last around 50% longer than their cotton counterparts and can be washed less frequently.
  • No crazy scientific experiments: It’s produced naturally, with no chemicals involved whatsoever. Your skin will feel the difference in terms of superiority and toughness compared to synthetic materials. No laboratories are required.
  • Is comfortable outdoors: Whatever outdoor activity you might prefer, you need something soft, light and heavy-duty.  Wool ticks all the boxes and it is a must have if you are out in the open.
  • Wrinkles? : We can count on wool to resist wrinkles unlike our skin. Wool returns to its natural shape even after 30-40% of stretching because of its spring like quality & natural crimp
  • Easy breathing : reduces volatile organic compounds and improves indoor air quality.

We hope you have discovered some useful ideas and benefits about authentic wool. Please leave your comments below to add more suggestions as we seek to rear even more wool products. Alternatively, you can send us an email to info@marichiworld.com .

We look forward to hearing your feedback; don’t be sheepish about getting in touch!

Thank ewe for reading and until next time,

MARICHI “The Himalayan Shoppe”



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