Wool wraps and shawls Australia

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Wool wraps and shawls Australia

It is winter time down under and this pleasant period of the year grants a diverse range of activities and attractions to discover. Whether winter festivals in Sydney, shredding the ski slopes near Melbourne or school holidays, a great addition to your wadrobe is an authentic handmade wool winter scarf for women or mens wool scarf.

From mild days to cool evenings in the north or the freezing temperatures and snow dusted places south of Sydney in the Australian Alps & Tasmania or the charming southern wine regions, packing warm clothes & accessories certainly makes life a lot easier.


Pure wool is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial plus it has bug repellent qualities. It also lasts 50% longer than cotton and can be washed less frequently. In a nutshell,a quality pure wool scarf can be a friend for time and an accessory for many a winter.

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So until the clocks roll back in October don’t hibernate and go out and about, make sure you check out our wide range of handmade Himalayan wool winter scarf and shawls online at MARICHI to suit your needs indoors or outdoors.

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