Woollen Shawls and Stoles - Women Embracing Grey as Men experiment with Pink

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Chilly winters are just around the corner, and the need for warm and snug woollen shawls and stoles is being embraced by both the genders devoutly. The iconic touch and classic styles are still as ubiquitous but spectacular is the way men and women are experimenting with unbiased colours.

Woollen shawls and scarves date back to ancient Rome where they were considered a mark of elitism and high status. Gradually they found their way to popularity and into every wardrobe, adding to the personal magnetism of both men and women, besides their quality of providing warmth during winters.

woolen stoles

Fashion ambiguity is ablaze!

It seems, nothing in fashion is overtly feminine or masculine anymore.  It is perhaps the transformation in the underlying societal attitude towards gender expression, which has incited gender neutrality, and encouraged androgynous trends, a harbinger to gender fluid fashion.  Woollen Shawls 

Both genders, who had been covertly playing with the idea of adopting colours against their gender identity until now, have candidly welcomed this newly found freedom to truly express themselves as they want to. It is the newest in vogue; to self-expression! So, women wrapped in a grey blanket scarf or woolen stole don’t really need pink in their clothing ensemble to feel pretty and look gorgeous as ever. Just as men don’t need grey to prove their masculinity.

grey blanket scarf

This is fashion in true sense. Freedom to express and not be entangled in rules of what one should and shouldn’t wear. The changing societal outlook is also helping usher this new and refreshing trend further so we can clad ourselves in colours and style of our liking.

Men are not blushing in pink anymore!

While the entire fashion trend has shifted to gender-neutral collections, the colours have also found recluse in interchanged identities. Modern women are not shy anymore to walk around in colours considered masculine. This new-found confidence in fact adds to their charisma and glamour.

Wool blanket scarf and woolen stoles have made it easier for men to experiment with more feminine colours. The colour pink, has always been synonymous with women and taboo for men, has also, it appears, overgrown its hackneyed old shell and men of the present era are unabashedly flaunting their well-clad shoulders covered in pink shawls. 

The myriad of conventional fabrics for woollen shawls and stoles remain timeless yet the designs and the blend of colourful designs have undergone drastic alterations. Each weave creating magic!

woollen shawls

Men and women are sizzling through fashionista events, walking down the ramp, holding heads high with the unchanged traditional style, same colours yet draped fashionably on the other gender!

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